Our story

We choose to see waste as a resource and harness its inherent value.

At Tufu Design, instead of relying on new materials, we avoid creating further environmental issues like pollution or landfill by repurposing pre-loved denim.


Brightly colored paisley material alongside denim with tassels laid over the top

In a world of overconsumption, our mindset is to focus on the positive impact we can make environmentally, and the simple appreciation of “pre-lived is pre-loved”. Just like your comfy track pants or your trusted old runners, we can re-cycle old favourites into new favourites.

Tufu, from Samoan 'toe fou' meaning ‘new again’ upcycles vintage blue denim jeans (100% cotton) and transforms them into high quality, unique accessories and homewares.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind handmade work of art finished with genuine leather handles and straps, solid antique brass hardware and artisanal trims and tassels.

The carefully selected second-hand denim is sourced through local charity centers, opportunity shops and donations. All jeans are deconstructed after being chosen for their ‘pre-loved’ wear and tear marks, patina and texture and expertly assembled into new works of art.

Colorful paisley prints made from 100% cotton are used for the inner-lining, creating a delightful detail with each piece. Paisley patterns represent the Cypress Tree, which, in Zoroastrian theology, is a symbol of life and eternity.

Old denim, new again.

Photo of Tufu Design founder, Saskia Battour About the creator

Tufu Design founder, Saskia Battour,  spent her childhood years in the Netherlands, rummaging through her grandmother’s old lace, bric-a-brac and vintage clothing. This discovery of different textiles and materials inspired the desire to learn invaluable skills on her mother’s Husqvarna sewing machine—which still gets used to this day! Combined with her fond memories of building huts in the forest and bike rides to the beach instilled a deep-seated love for the environment.

In her early twenties, with a desire to discover the world, she left the Netherlands and continued her adventures to Australia. Falling in love with the natural beauty of the land, it quickly became her new home, where she raised a young family and built a professional life in retail.

On a recent holiday to the island nation of Mauritius, Saskia became inspired by the beauty of its landscape and the rich tapestry of cultures and textiles. Putting ideas to paper, the creative question begged, “How to turn waste into something new?”

It was the realisation that a single pair of jeans uses 7600 liters of water which became the driving force for salvaging second-hand denim. Upcycling vintage denim into hand-crafted products felt like one small way to fulfil her creativity and make a small but positive impact on our environment.